Company Matsuo, Porn Director of the Year

Japanese adult film director, producer, and businessman, Company Matsuo, are often referred to as the “American Studio System” because he is one of the most influential and respected Japanese filmmakers of his generation. His movies have been sold internationally and he is also considered as an innovator in the American porn industry.

Company Matsuo was born in Japan in 1950 and grew up working at a company that made rubber and plastics. After graduating from high school, Matsuo took a job as an assistant to a movie director before heading out to Los Angeles. While he was in the city he started making pornographic movies but soon found out that the industry was much more conservative than he thought it would be. He continued to shoot these films for other companies before settling down to make his own, which he is proud of today.

Matsuo began shooting pornography with amateur actors as early as 1967. In his first movie, his goal was to be seen in Hollywood and eventually work as a film director and producer. He would eventually become well known in the industry as a director who specialized in adult films. Matsuo created some of the best movies ever made with women in them. He had a huge impact on the industry when he filmed “The Big Bitch”, a movie which he made for only five dollars.

Matsuo also had his fair share of controversy in the past. In the late eighties, he was arrested for indecency with a minor. This was something that he was not prepared for and was left feeling embarrassed after the incident. This incident caused him to begin to avoid the spotlight.

Matsuo worked hard to get his name out there and he did it by producing some of the sexiest and most outrageous movies to ever be produced. He once said, “I think I’m the only Japanese porn director who makes movies with Japanese models.” He’s a big believer in using only native English speakers to help produce his films and he’s taken pains to create films with subtitles. because this will enable the viewers to understand what they are watching.

Matsuo’s movies have been sold in the U.S. and in the UK and he is known for his work on some of the best pornography of the last twenty years. He is also famous for using the “Kiss-shot” system, which is where he shoots the film backwards so that the male and female actors are kissing and he edits it for the audience. It’s an interesting concept that many critics believe is a form of creative art.