Semen can be one of the more exciting topics of discussion within the confines of a man’s inner circle. There are just as many things to know and understand about semen, in fact, there are even more personable sperm inside it than there are living human sperm within it.

Sure, more often than not we talk about it in the context of the female reproductive system, but of course not all who have sex are doing so for the purpose of pregnancy. But that is one area that can be quite difficult to explain.

So, what happens when you are talking about men? Semen is considered the body’s “male” ejaculation, and while this is not completely accurate as some may choose to describe it differently, what they mean is that the fluid that comes from the man’s body when he is in a state of orgasm is considered a part of the male ejaculatory fluid and can be referred to as his ejaculate.

And while most men ejaculate more than once, this is not the case with women. Women tend to ejaculate more frequently than men do.

This is probably because most women produce so many different types of sperm. Men, by their very nature, only have a few different types of sperm, and when you add an increase in sexual activity to the equation, you can see just how different the numbers can become.

When a woman’s ejaculate contains sperms that are capable of fertilizing a live egg, this is known as a “seaman.” If you happen to ejaculate before the egg has fully implanted in your ovary, then you are considered a “premature ejaculation,” and can be treated differently by your doctor. So, what happens when you are discussing your sperms?

The important thing to remember is that no matter what type of sperm you have, and no matter what the circumstances, there are some basics that must be learned about sperm. One of them is the fact that they cannot be removed from a woman’s body without her consent.

If you wish to remove your sperms, you will need to have the surgery to remove the ejaculate. This process is called vasectomy.

You may ask what happens after the removal of your sperms if you have not ejaculated yet, but that is up to you. No matter what the situation, though, you can be certain that there are a number of great benefits to the process, whether they are the benefit of having more sperm or the benefit of the removal of those pesky ejaculations from your past.