Hitomi Madoka and Mika Wakabayashi, the Story of a Witch

Hitomi Madoka is a girl who is very shy and timid. She was not introduced in the manga until after the second volume. In the first series, she was also known as Hitomi Mami.

According to an interview with the manga of the series, Hitomi Madoka was originally a girl called Yuki Mabei who wanted to be a detective but could not. Then she was transformed into Hitomi Madoka by a strange magician called Mika Wakabayashi. Hitomi has black hair and wears a short skirt. She has blue eyes and has a small pendant around her neck that says “You’re the next one”.

Since Hitomi was turned into a witch, she has had no time to grow up and become a person. But thanks to Mika, she has been able to make some new friends and they are all witches.

Hitomi is an ordinary student at a normal high school. As she is a witch, she must be in the middle of all the activities. She goes to school, meets other witches and plays with them. She is a very gentle and kind girl and looks at things from a very positive point of view. She always tries to help those who are in trouble. She can also be quite bold at times and loves to talk.

When Mika transforms Hitomi into a witch, he makes a promise to protect Hitomi from other witches. Mika is a very wise and good magician. He is more of an old man that can help Hitomi with problems and understand things she cannot. Hitomi is a great support and friend for him.

Mika Wakabayashi is a very good magician because he makes Hitomi realizes that he does not have to change herself into a witch to be a magician. In fact, it is not that hard for a magician to be a girl. Mika is a girl, so he knows how to do things differently. This makes him a better magician.

Some of Mika’s magical spells can actually hurt Hitomi. But he will use his magical arts in ways that Hitomi can not see. He is good at using his body, which is why he can turn Hitomi into a witch.

Mika and Hitomi are a wonderful couple. They have a lot of fun together. They go out and party together, they go shopping together and their relationship is so normal because they are just girls in love.

The story of Hitomi Madoka has many layers, so there will be other stories to follow. from her childhood to her adulthood and she will learn about different aspects of life. and become a much better person. She has a lot of problems and struggles, but she is always on top of things.