An Animation Show About a Psychic Man

While the first three episodes of Kotone Arisa were not exactly mind blowing, what we got were still pretty good. As such, there was no reason to be disappointed when the next episode was released on DVD.

The first episodes were all about the same type of story, but the way they were told was a bit different from the previous episodes. The third and final episode ended with the revelation that the first three episodes had actually been part of a mini-movie that was about to be released for people to watch on DVD.

While the show started out as a mystery about a man who possessed psychic powers, it was not until the third episode that we found out what exactly the nature of his powers is. While we are still not certain as to what his powers are, we do know that he can “see” the future. In other words, he can predict what is about to happen to people he cares about.

As far as plot goes, the main conflict between Kotone Arisa and the woman that he loves is what kept the first three episodes interesting. The girl, known as Mika, was a victim of Arisa’s powers in the past, so he has always been trying to get her back.

The final episode does end on a very good note. Mika gets back together with Arisa, but they do not have children. In the end, it seems that she has learned from her past and accepts her powers. She also forgives Arisa and is now able to love him.

Overall, while the first two seasons of Kotone Arisa were not that good, they were still very entertaining. The fourth season was much better. This is because it added a lot more twists and surprises for us to discover. All in all, this was probably the best season to have watched in terms of animation and storyline.

If you haven’t already seen this season, I recommend that you go out and watch it right now. It’s not only great because of the storyline, but it also has some pretty good animation. Some scenes had me glued to the screen because of how great they looked.

So if you haven’t seen this new season yet, go ahead and catch it right now. There is a very good chance that you won’t be disappointed.

Overall, this is a great show to watch. For the most part, it’s one of the best animated shows that you’ll ever see, and it is completely faithful to its source material.