Captive No Shizuku Review

The captivating story of Captive No Shizuku, by Kiyoshi Matsumoto, is a captivating tale of love. The main character, Shizuku Takagi, has been brought up by her father, a strict but loving man who doesn’t want her to leave home until she graduates high school. But when a chance meeting with her childhood crush, Takagi discovers that there is much more to her than meets the eye. As her relationship blossoms, she discovers that love is all she needs in her life and is able to fulfill her father’s dream of making her a good wife.

Captive No Shizuku is not a very long novel, but is told in a fast-paced way. The first few chapters are set up by a series of “dream sequences” that make the reader wonder what else is going to happen with the characters. The book moves along at a rapid pace, so that the reader does not get bored very quickly. There are plenty of twists throughout the book as well, and this is another positive aspect about the book.

Another factor that made this novel’s plot interesting to me was that it started off with a small but interesting subplot involving a young boy named Kazuma. The storyline is about two lovers who get involved with each other, but unfortunately they can never be together. Eventually they start dating, but one of them ends up getting hurt by the other. This subplot also ends up bringing out a lot of emotions from the readers, since a lot of them were not expecting it. The relationship between Shizuku and Kazuma is both romantic and loving, so this was refreshing to read. It was a very touching scene.

When the plot is already going at a very fast pace, the book’s main plot comes into play. In the last third of the novel, we see that the love between Shizuku and Kazuma actually turns into an affair. They do not tell each other about the affair, because they do not want to disturb their new relationship. Soon enough, the reader finds out what happened, and then they must decide whether or not to forgive or condemn this relationship. Although some readers may feel that this is morally wrong, other readers find it is necessary to understand the circumstances of the book. In fact, most readers felt that the book’s ending is a bit unsatisfying.

Despite being a romance, Captive No Shizuku does have its share of action too. In some parts of the story, the main character is seen fighting crime. In addition to fighting, she also has to go on a date, as well as meet a mysterious people and try to save the world. At the same time, Shizuku and Kazuma must face various problems that come up during the course of their relationship. A great deal of action is involved, and I would say that it could be a little bit boring at times, but that only adds to the intrigue.

Overall, Captive No Shizuku is a wonderful book that is full of action and romance. It is interesting and entertaining, and is a fun read.