Av debut – An Overview

One of the most anticipated albums of the year is the debut of The 1975. With a new look and a fresh sound, the duo from London has set out to create an exciting and influential album.

Having recently reunited after a 10 year absence, the band members have returned to form to once again create a new sound. “We wanted to make a new kind of pop”, says Matt Healy of the band’s return. They have done this by combining their love for dance music with rock, creating a unique sound that’s not seen very often on record.

The band is formed of two guitarists, John Gourley and Matt Healy, and bass player Sam Smith. All three are musicians who have been playing together for years, but only now they are able to create a cohesive and versatile sound. The music consists of songs that are influenced heavily by dance music such as dub, techno, and jazz. “We’ve always been interested in this genre” says Matt Healy.

One of the band’s ability is that they are not afraid to experiment with different sounds. “We have the opportunity to go as crazy or as subtle as we want”, says Matt Healy. The band has also added more elements to the sound that was missing when they were on break in the past, such as using keyboards and acoustic guitars, and they have also used new instruments such as the vocoder to help to bring out some of their vocals.

The band’s previous albums were recorded on the West Coast while the band was in the studio with producer Brian Eno. This album however, was recorded over the Atlantic Ocean in their New York City studios. In fact, during the recording process the duo had to fight the strong winds and rain, which is when they were able to achieve such an exceptional sound.

The 1975 are sure to take the world by storm with their debut. With their new sound and their amazing ability to create a multitude of sounds, they will become the next big thing in music.

The band is currently performing in the United Kingdom, Australia, and throughout Europe. They will tour in the United States as well. Although their original intent was to release their album on vinyl, they feel that digital formats will allow them to get a wider audience and sell more copies.

“I love playing shows in the UK. I feel they’re a really good fit for us” says Matt Healy.

Av debut will be released for the first time on CD and digital download in the United Kingdom on March 3rd. You can pre-order your copy by visiting the band’s website. or by going to any major online retailer.