JC Uncensored Has Been Banned From Facebook and Twitter

JC Uncensored is a website that has attracted criticism for its offensive material that is found on it. This article is about how JC Uncensored managed to get banned from Facebook and Twitter for its offensive content. If you do not have a Facebook or Twitter account, you are probably wondering why this site has been banned by those two popular social networking sites. Well, this article will give you an answer for that as well as more details on the content that was found on the site.

First of all, the reason why this site has been banned by these two very popular sites is because of the content found on it. The site contains an immense amount of content that was deemed offensive. For example, they had a link to a blog where the members were instructed to rape a woman in order to get her to “come out of her shell”. Other members were also instructed to beat a man up and sexually abuse him for hours after the man had been robbed. Other posts contained descriptions of killing animals and the likes.

So, why has JC Uncensored was banned? The answer lies in the fact that the site owner is trying to evade liability for his actions. The site owner is claiming that he is not liable because he only allowed other people to be able to post comments and that he did not actually approve of any of those comments. However, the content of the site itself indicates that it is a site that contains offensive content.

Next, the reason why the site was banned by Facebook and Twitter is because of the type of advertisements that were being used. The site allowed ads that had sexual content and images on them. Because of that, Facebook and Twitter have decided that they will not allow any members on the site to be associated with the site.

In conclusion, you should know that this site has received a lot of negative attention over the last year. The owner of this site was forced to make a controversial statement after the news broke. He claimed that he had no plans to take down the site and then stated that he would sue people who spread false information about him. This was followed by many members leaving the site in disgust.

You should take your time before deciding whether or not to sign up to this site. While some people might think that it is worth signing up for it, many will think that they will be wasting their time by doing so. Take your time and do your research before choosing to sign up for the site.